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Fresh Mode started off in 2006 with 1 press, 1 dryer and a ton of heart. Our attention to detail and high class customer service has helped us grow year after year.  We have never lost sight of what took us from a 1200 square foot shop to our current 10,000 square foot facility….The Customer.

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We run all of our silk screening in house here in Rhode Island which gives us full control over the quality of each item. We are the leading commercial screen printing source for companies in RI.

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Embroidery offers endless possibilities for creative textures, colors, and designs. Click here to see our portfolio of custom embroidered apparel.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. Read through our Frequently asked questions before contacting us!

Whats makes us different?

This is a crazy industry where everybody needs their shirts yesterday!  Clear communication with our customers helps ease the ordering process and make sure that you are getting the correct product on or before your deadline. Sounds simple right?  We think so too.

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